Ski clothing: thermal underwear and compression socks

The practice of sports in winter (skiing, trekking or snow), requires wearing, in addition to traditional caps and gloves, a thermal garment that provides good protection against the cold by retaining heat without causing excessive sweating that would harm your comfort. Discover our thermal underwear for men, women and children and our compression socks to wear under ski clothes. Our made in France products are available in all sizes and include fast delivery at the best price.

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How to choose your thermal underwear for skiing?

Downhill skiing, freestyle skiing, ski touring or snow, these activities are practiced in difficult conditions (cold, humidity). The choice of your ski underwear (jersey, t-shirt or tights) will depend on your body’s needs:

  • Lightweight, breathable thermal underwear for intense activities like ski touring
  • Underwear with thermal comfort for ski slopes

Get better protection against the cold with the RTECH EVO2 t-shirt

Wearing a thermal T-shirt under your ski jacket is essential to provide protection against cold and humidity while keeping your body warm without causing sweating.

Our RTECH EVO2 thermal t-shirt is an underwear with innovative technical features. From size S to size XL, in black or white, for men, women or children, choose a long sleeve t-shirt rather than short sleeves for winter.

Compression socks: thermal underwear that improves performance

Men, women or children, wearing a pair of compression socks under your ski clothing provides protection against cold and humidity while promoting blood circulation. Thus, your technical performance improves with the wearing of these thermal underwear.