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Compression clothing: shorts, soft shorts and t-shirt

Trail running, running, cycling, hiking or skiing, wearing a compression garment is essential to improve recovery and muscle protection during the practice of these sports. Discover our range of compression clothing for men and women at the best price with fast delivery. Shorts, Legging, short or T-shirt.

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Which compression garment to choose according to the sport?

Compression T-shirt

Whether men or women, sportsmen prefer the compression t-shirt for the practice of sports such as trail running, running or cycling.

Compression sleeves

Compression sleeves improve your performance and increase the protection of muscle fibers for demanding sports such as trail riding or cycling.

Compression socks

Compression socks are among the most suitable clothing for both daily life and sports. These products are recommended for athletes who stay long standing as during running or running training.

Focus on our RTECH EVO2 technology

Our RTECH EVO2 t-shirt is made from an innovative fiber that improves muscle support during exercise: Dryarn. For men and women, it comes in two colors (black or white) and two models:

  • Short sleeve t-shirt that improves summer performance
  • Long sleeve t-shirt: ideal for winter sports, such as skiing