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Light, comfortable, compact and technical, the Jacket ball allows you to face the climatic changes during your running outings.

Thanks to its water repellent material, the jacket ball protects you against the assaults of the wind and the fine rain during your outdoor sessions. The integrated and adjustable hood thanks to its self-locking cord, wrap your head and ears for full protection. 

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Lightcomfortablecompact and technical, the Jacket ball allows you to face the climatic changes during your running outings.

Thanks to its water repellent material, the jacket ball protects you against the assaults of the wind and the fine rain during your outdoor sessions. The integrated and adjustable hood thanks to its self-locking cord, wrap your head and ears for full protection. 

Featuring mesh inserts with ventilation flaps, they allow you to ventilate the windbreak optimally while protecting you from the elements. The wrists are elastic to prevent air infiltration. The bottom of the jacket is equipped with a self-locking elastic for an ideal fit to all body types.

The zippered front pocket with double opening allows you to store your personal items, but also to fold the jacket to save space. Reflective elements (logo and design) improve your visibility* during your competitions and night outings.

* Warning, this product does not replace an EPI safety clothing.




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  1. Fitted hood

    Protects your head and ears for full protection.

  2. Customised secure semi zip

    Allows fast threading and personalized self-regulation of the temperature.

  3. Reflective logo

    For more visibility and safety when shooting in low light.

  4. Double-opening pocket to show away the jacket

    Lets you store small personal belongings and fold your jacket in a compact way.

  5. Nylon design

    Reduces friction noises during arm movements.

  6. Mesh inserts with vent panels

    Provides optimal ventilation and evacuation of perspiration.

  7. Elastic tightening at the waist

    Optimal fit of the jacket to your morphology.




COMPOSITION : Main material : 100% NYLON / Mesh : 100% POLYESTER

100% Polyamide - Mesh: 100% Polyester