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Calf compression sleeves for sports

Better muscle recovery, prolonged physical effort, calf and ankle support: compression sleeves are essential equipment for running and trail running. Discover the BV Sport calf compression sleeves.

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Why wear calf compression sleeves for sports?

Accessible to both amateur and professional athletes, compression sleeves help increase sports performance by reducing the risk of injury:

  • Prolonged physical effort
  • Reduced risk of soreness and injury
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • Optimization of venous return and muscle recovery
  • Better oxygenation of the muscles
  • No vibrations and muscle oscillations

Compression sleeves can be worn during a competition, but also during training sessions, in addition to compression socks. Indeed, thanks to a compression sleeve, the comfort during and after each session is superior.

Discover the BV Sport Booster Elite Evo 2 technology

Reference in the field of sports recovery, BV Sport has developed the Booster Elite Evo2 model. A true technical innovation, this sleeve respects the physiology of men and women athletes. BV Sport compression sleeves are recognized for their comfort, their effectiveness and a wide choice in terms of size. They reduce up to 42% of muscle vibrations and oscillations, and 39% of muscle pain after exercise.

Discover on the BV Sport website our Booster Elite Evo 2 and Booster Origine ranges, and find the compression sleeve which corresponds to your physiognomy and your sport practice.