Discover our entire range of trail clothing for men and women. Compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, shorts, t-shirts, running accessories.



Discover our range of men's sportswear adapted to trail running. Find your equipment among our compression products, socks, recovery socks, tee-shirt, running socks, running accessories.


Discover our range of women's sportswear adapted to trail running. Find your equipment among our compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, t-shirts, running socks, running accessories.

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Compression clothes for trail

At BV Sport, we have created a whole range of clothing adapted to runners, designed for both training and competition to accompany you before, during and after the effort and limit the risk of injury (aches, muscle pain, poor recovery, etc).

Find our trail-running ranges such as Booster calf sleeves, recovery and compression socks, shorts, t-shirts, trail socks with the unique collaboration with Des Bosses Des Bulles and accessories for men and women. In order to offer you a maximum of choice, our products are available in several sizes and colours to adapt to your morphology and your desires.

Compression sleeve TRAIL

Created in 2006, the Booster compression sleeve is BV Sport's historic product and a true technical innovation. The Booster allows runners to produce a long-lasting effort thanks to a targeted compression at the calf level (BV Sport patent). Our range of trail compression sleeves for men and women are recognised for their effectiveness, quality, comfort and wide choice of sizes and colours. Face all terrains and limit the risk of injury with our trail compression sleeves.

compression socks TRAIL

Our range of compression socks for trail running is divided into two categories, compression socks for effort and recovery socks. Designed for both men and women, this range of socks is the perfect mix between the technical foot designed for trail running and the selective calf compression that offers comfort and well-being during exercise. This targeted calf compression helps to reduce pain, cramping and injury before and after your run.

Shorts compression trail

In trail running, the thighs are put under a lot of pressure, which is why at BV Sport we have developed a range of trail compression shorts for men and women. Our CSX trail compression shorts offer better venous return, limit vibrations, reduce the risk of soreness and promote recovery thanks to targeted compression designed from variable stiffness mesh.

t-shirts compression TRAIL

BV Sport compression shirts offer comfort and muscle support for all your trail rides. Whether short sleeve, long sleeve or sleeveless, our technical tops allow perspiration to be quickly wicked away to keep you dry for longer. Our range of R-TECH T-shirts for men and women without seams is designed with fibres that improve your comfort and well-being. Discover all our comfortable, technical trail shirts in a wide range of sizes and colours.

socks TRAIL

Made in France, our range of trail socks are designed with reinforced zones to limit overheating and blisters and offer you comfort and well-being during your trail-running outings. To provide maximum ventilation and breathability throughout your run and to keep you dry, breathable mesh areas have also been added.

Today, the style of the sock has become a real criterion of choice. Thanks to our collaboration with the artist Matthieu Forichon from Lyon, we offer you a whole lifestyle range "Des Bosses Des Bulles". These collector trail socks will offer you comfort, technique and style for all your outings.

accessories TRAIL

Trail accessories are a real asset for all trail runners. Thanks to our range of trail accessories, you can take on the greatest trails in any weather. In winter, arm sleeves, hats, gloves or headbands provide protection against the cold. In summer, visors, caps or headbands are used to protect against the sun's rays. At night, safety is the order of the day, and many of our trail accessories are equipped with reflective logos to remain visible in low light. For the storage of your personal belongings such as keys, cards, phone, jacket, our carrying belts or our backpack allow you to bring your trail-running equipment with you while keeping your hands free.