Booster Origine burgundy

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Whatever your sport, train and compete while considerably reducing your muscle pain.

Made in France, the burgundy BOOSTER ORIGINE compression sleeve is an eco-responsible sports sleeve, entirely knitted from recycled yarn.

Equipped with the patented BV SPORT compression, these compression sleeves, has a support of the calf, avoids cramps, calf pain during and after exercise and limits muscle injuries.

Thanks to the Booster Origine compression sleeves, you can train and compete while considerably reducing your muscle pain.

Choose a product that hasn't been around the world before you get it on your calves! Our entire compression range has been designed and knitted in our factory in France.

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Because the planet is our most beautiful playground, the black BOOSTER ORIGINE is entirely knitted from recycled yarn.

Made in France, the black Booster Origine calf compression sleeve is made from the ecological fibers SENSIL ECOCARE and ROICA ECO-SMART. The first is made from pre-consumer waste to reduce the impact on the environment. Its production process minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption and preserves precious natural resources. The ECO-SMART fiber is a stretch microfiber that is itself made from 50% recycled pre-industrial materials.

The Booster Origine also has an innovative herringbone knitting strategically positioned at the calf level to optimize muscle support.

During exercise, the calf compression, Calf Support, improves venous return, promotes muscle, tendon and ligament oxygenation.

Its optimal muscle support will reduce muscle oscillations, responsible for periostitis and DOMS, during each impact on the ground.

When worn regularly, the Booster Origine will prevent heavy legs and cramps and considerably reduce the risk of muscular injuries.

The wide ribbing avoids over-tightening the sleeves at the top and bottom edges while effectively holding the calf sleeve in place.

The entire Booster Origine collection is made in France

82% Polyamide - 18% Elastane
Booster Origine burgundy

Sensil Ecocare

Environmentally friendly, soft, durable microfiber made from pre-consumer waste. This production process minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption, conserves valuable natural resources and reduces environmental impact.

Roica Eco Smart

Premium stretch fiber made from 50% recycled pre-industrial materials. Yarns with no human or environmental impact, certified by Textile Exchange and meeting the Global Recycled Standard.

Calf support

Rigid mesh and targeted pressure on the calf. Improves venous return, accelerates the elimination of toxins accumulated in the calf. This support also allows to limit the oscillations and the muscular vibrations.

Wide border

Discharge strip on the upper and lower edges of the compression sleeve. Effectively holds the sleeve in place without a tourniquet effect. Improves comfort during exercise.