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Compression socks

Are you looking for travel socksrunningskiing or hiking ? Compression or recovery socks ? Discover our technical product ranges. Each of our men's and women's sports socks are designed in collaboration with top athletes and scientists, our socks are renowned for their qualitycomfort and effectivenessUltra-technical socks adapted to all sports disciplines. Easy to put on, improved venous return, reduced friction...

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Why wear compression socks for sports?

Whether you are a top sportsman or an amateur, our high-quality compression socks are a must-have for any sport (running, running, trail, hiking, skiing, etc.). Indeed, our pairs of Elite Evo, Run or Trail socks improve the blood circulation in your legs, which increases your performance and promotes quick recovery after exertion.

When to put on his compression socks?

Putting on our pairs of Elite Evo, Run or Trail compression socks during a sporting effort improves athletic performance for a man or woman. In addition, wearing compression socks during a long trip increases your comfort and promotes blood circulation to reduce the feeling of heavy legs or tingling in the calf.

What is the difference between a compression sock and a compression sock?

The compression sock is a product that exerts a slight pressure on your muscles to avoid swelling of your legs after a long hike for example. While our pair of compression socks and compression sleeves actively act on the muscles of your legs to facilitate venous return..