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Recovery socks

The compression sock is one of the essential accessories to improve recovery after an effort for high-performance athletes and amateur athletes. Discover our recovery socks for men and women and enjoy our made in France products at the best price with fast delivery and secure payment.

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Why wear recovery socks?

Improve muscle recovery after exertion

Recovery socks, such as the Elite Evo, Recovery Evo socks, ensure the elimination of toxins in the venous blood after prolonged exercise thanks to the compression operated by the sock on the muscles.

In addition, wearing compression socks in the hours following physical exertion (running training, trail running, etc.) greatly reduces the effects of pain and limits the risk of injury.

Increase the feeling of comfort

The wearing of recovery socks is not reserved for the practice of sport. Indeed, a man or woman who suffers from blood circulation disorders in the legs will gain in comfort by wearing compression socks.

When to wear your recovery socks?

Do you have heavy legs after running training or feel muscle pain after exertion? Consider wearing compression sleeves during exercise, and then recovery socks within hours of exertion.

Our advice for top athletes and amateur athletes: put on a compression sock at least 2 hours after a training or competition to improve your performance and guarantee you a painless physical effort.