Triathlon clothing and compression

Swimming, cycling and running, the practice of triathlon requires wearing specific equipment to improve your performance and keep the distance. Discover our range of triathlon clothing made in France and enjoy our products at the best price with fast delivery.

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What clothes for the practice of triathlon?

For men and women, the trifunction combination appears to be the indispensable product for each triathlon discipline: swimming, cycling and running.

First, the sleeveless or sleeveless combinations are designed in a hydrophobic material that offers triathletes a better fluidity in the water.

For cycling and running, compression of the trifunction combination improves blood circulation and performance with its second skin effect. In addition, the trifunction combination is more comfortable than a swimsuit.

Triathletes can also opt for more specific clothing to improve their performance such as:

What accessories to buy in addition to triathlon clothes?

In addition to a trifunction combination with sleeves or sleeveless, the practice of each triathlon sport involves the purchase of specific accessories:

  • swimming goggles
  • swim cap
  • Men’s or women’s triathlon shoes
  • Triathlon helmet for cycling (classic or aero)
  • Sport glasses for cycling and running stages