Hiking clothing and accessories

In the face of difficult climatic conditions, such as rain, cold in the mountains or heat, hiking and trekking require specific clothing. Discover on BV Sport compression clothing for hiking, meeting all the requirements of the trek and ensuring protection and technical, at the best price.

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Jacket, trousers, down jacket: essential clothing for hiking

Find on BV Sport all the clothes and accessories essential to the practice of hiking. Are you a fan of trekking? Discover our special hiking range, at the best price, for men and women: trail socks, jacket, t-shirt. For mountain trekking and skiing, wear a waterproof jacket, trousers, jacket and fleece. Gloves, hats, caps, bags: get yourself some high-performance accessories.

Hiking: how to maintain thermal comfort with clothes?

The 3-layer system is a technique used by hiking practitioners. The layering of clothing on top of the body helps to maintain a constant thermal comfort.

The first layer, closest to the body, absorbs and controls perspiration. BV Sport provides you with t-shirts made from synthetic textile fibres, such as polyester or polyamide, which allow you to evacuate perspiration quickly.

On top, the second layer keeps you warm, while the third protects from wind and rain.

Looking for a jacket, a jacket or a t-shirt suitable for hiking? Find on BV Sport clothes made in France meeting all the sporting requirements of the trek.