Clothing and accessories for trail and running

The trail combines running and running in nature. Trail running requires equipment adapted to the most specific weather conditions. To offer you maximum comfort and safety, BV Sport has developed a range of men’s/women’s clothing for trail running.

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What equipment for trail running?

The practice of running and trail running requires clothing adapted to the weather. For the upper body, it is necessary to wear a first thermal layer, which evacuates perspiration. The second layer is used for heating. Finally, it may be essential to wear a windproof jacket or raincoat, depending on weather conditions.

For the lower body, choose shorts or shorts when it’s hot and leggings in winter. You can also wear socks and compression sleeves to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, don’t forget a trail bag adapted to your morphology, and additional clothing and accessories: sunglasses, cap, jacket, overpantalon, cap and gloves.

Your equipment must be complemented by shoes adapted to the trail, to protect you from shocks and maintain the ankles.

Boost your performance with compression equipment

To reduce the risk of injury and pain, BV Sport has developed a range of clothing suitable for trail running. Our compression sleeves help you produce stress over time, thanks to targeted compression at the calf. The practice of trail running is particularly demanding on the thighs. BV Sport has developed a range of trail compression shorts for men and women. Also discover our compression and recovery socks, designed to limit the heatings and bulbs, declined by size and color.