TREK Socks Grey-Blue

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This sock is comfortable. Its stem provided with a seamless side which is conceived from COOLMAX, providing an optimal thermic regulation.

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This hyper ventilated sock is composed of two layers. The first one adheres to the foot and the second one adheres to the shoe. This manufacturing technique avoids the frictions and limits the warming.


Comfort and ventilation

Very comfortable and resistant, it comes with a seamless side. The point and the heel are reinforced with FRICTION FREE. Its manufacturing from COOL MAX and its hyper ventilated structure allow a thermic regulation and a faster evacuation of humidity. The interior of this sock is conceived from the NILIT BREEZE fiber bringing a coolness sensation even in hot temperatures. The AIRGON system assures a better ventilation on top of the foot.


A protection zone is located on the Achilles tendon, whereas the point and the heel are reinforced with Friction Free.


Its structure brings along an adapted support to the ankle and the foot sole is reinforced to improve the plantar fascia support. 

79% Polyamide - 19% Polyester - 2% Elastane