STX EVO Socks "Burlington" blue/green - Collector Edition

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Set yourself with the new socks STX EVO "Burlington" blue/green - Collector Edition !

Made with tall stem for better ankle hold, they bring all the lightness, the robustness and the comfort necessary to the practice of the trail on short, average or long distance.

Endowed with the BV SPORT technologies (Y-sport, Stabil Effect, Airgon, Protect +), the STX EVO will bring you the protection of nerves and tendons, foot support, ventilation and optimal comfort.

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Technical sock, comfortable, resistant, and ultra reinforced. It has cushioning at the heel and tip in FRICTION FREE.

Its mid-high upper has a protection tab that facilitates positioning during the race and when returned avoids the intrusion of pebbles into the shoe.

The wide side edge seamless provides a very good maintenance and comfort. The sole is reinforced to improve the maintenance of the plantar fascia.

The AIRGON system provides better ventilation on the top of the foot. Lightened knitting at the bending point facilitates movement of the foot.

72% Polyamide - 23% Polyester - 5% Elastane
Socks STX EVO Burlington blue/green

Y-Sport System

Combination of stabilizer knitting and light knitting at the bending point of the ankle joint. This technique allows an optimal adjustment of the positioning of the sock and facilitates the movement of the foot at the ankle joint.

Mid cut

Provides extra ankle support and protection during trail sessions.

Stabil effect

Stabilizing band at the forefoot level. It respects the anatomy of the foot with an effective positioning of the plantar arch and promotes superficial venous return.

Friction Free heel & toe reinforcements

The heel and toe are reinforced with FREE FRICTION to limit warm-up and friction during races.

Airgon meshn

Ventilated mesh on the top of the foot. Accelerates thermal regulation. Regulates the temperature of the foot during exercise and allows perspiration to be wicked away.

Flat seam

Limits friction and plantar irritation. Promotes comfort during exercise.


The pair of socks has a right side (R) and a left side (L).