Clothing and compression accessories for training/fitness

The practice of training/fitness requires an adapted sportswear, whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional sportsman. Discover our collection of fitness clothing for men and women, guaranteeing maximum comfort, a better evacuation of perspiration and great freedom of movement.

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How to choose your training clothes?

To choose fitness clothes adapted to your movements and physical efforts, several criteria come into play:

  • Sizes: measure your waist, chest and hip size
  • The cut: choose the one that corresponds to your morphology
  • The material: it must be breathable and comfortable
  • Seams: preferably flat, to limit friction

After having determined the clothes which correspond most to your body and your practice of the fitness, you must compose your clothing according to the season and the environment where you practice the training. For example, for the winter, adopt a new pair of trousers and a sweater. For the summer, choose shorts and a t-shirt.

Our compression and sports support equipment: your best sports allies

BV Sport has designed a range of clothing and accessories for men and women in accordance with the practice of fitness and training. Our compression equipment, sleeves, socks, leggings or bras, allow you to reduce the risk of injury, muscle soreness during exercise or training. Compression equipment reduces muscle fatigue and helps you recover better after exertion.

Discover our range adapted to fitness.