Discover our entire range of training clothes for men and women. Compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, shorts, t-shirts, training accessories.



Discover our range of men's sportswear adapted to fitness. Find your equipment among our compression products, socks, recovery socks, tee-shirt, training socks, training accessories.


Discover our range of women's sportswear adapted to fitness. Find your equipment among our compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, t-shirts, training socks, training accessories.

100% Keepfit

100% women's range Keepfit

BVSPORT, the leader in the compression market in France, wanted to respond in a more important way to women's needs. We therefore designed a 100% feminine range combining comfort, design and technicality, its name: KEEPFIT.

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Discover all our tips and buying guides to prepare your fitness workouts. 

Sports tips

Compression clothes for training

Since the first confinement, training and fitness have become more and more popular, accompanied by the democratisation of gyms. And like all other sports, training requires suitable and comfortable equipment.

At BV Sport, we have designed a whole range of products for men and women adapted to the practice of fitness. Thanks to a wide range of products, we can help you before, during and after exercise in order to limit muscle fatigue, aches and pains, injuries and help you recover better.

Discover our range of training/fitness products including Booster calf sleeves, recovery socks, compression socks, training shorts or leggings, t-shirts and bras, socks and accessories for fitness.

Training compression sleeve

A key product of BV Sport since 2006, and a leader in the compression market, the Booster Sleeve allows athletes to produce a long-lasting effort. Thanks to a targeted compression (BV Sport patent), the calf sleeve will bring you comfort and well-being during all your fitness sessions. Ideal for limiting muscle fatigue, calf pain, avoiding soreness and helping recovery.

compression training socks

Our range of compression socks consists of two categories: compression socks for exercise and recovery socks.

The compression sock is the perfect mix between a technical foot and a targeted compression in the calf area. This sock will allow you to do your training sessions with comfort and well-being while limiting the risk of injury.

As recovery is not to be neglected in fitness, recovery socks will be ideal to limit cramps, muscle contractures while improving your venous return and your recovery after exercise.

Compression training shorts

CSX shorts have been specially designed to meet the demands of fitness. With targeted compression in the calf area, the CSX shorts meet the needs of both male and female athletes, both amateur and professional. The CSX compression shorts are made from variable stiffness mesh and help to limit muscle soreness or the risk of injury during your fitness sessions.

compression training shirts

Our RTECH range of compression shirts for men and women is the perfect garment for your fitness sessions. Designed with fibres that improve thermal regulation and moisture wicking to keep you dry during exercise. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless, RTECH t-shirts provide undeniable support for the most stressed muscles during your training sessions.

Training bras

A good sports bra is essential to be comfortable during your fitness session. Our range of Keepfit BV Sport bras provide technicality, support and style.

With a swimmer's back cut to give you greater freedom of movement and targeted vents to promote air circulation and stay dry and cool throughout your training session.

Training leggings

Let's face it, one of the main goals of your fitness sessions is to sculpt your body. Our range of Keepfit BV Sport leggings for women, designed with SENSIL INNERGY yarn, will help you to effectively fight cellulite and orange peel skin while improving micro-circulation.

Made with flat seams and stretchy material, this range of Keeptfit training leggings prevent uncomfortable chafing and ensure freedom of movement while supporting the muscles to delay fatigue.

training socks

Socks are often neglected by sportsmen and women, especially fitness enthusiasts. At BV Sport, we know how important it is to have the right socks for optimal sports performance.

Made in France, our range of fitness socks will allow you to limit chafing and the risk of blisters, but will also provide comfort and well-being throughout your training session.

Whether high or low, our range of fitness socks is available in a wide choice of sizes and colours.

training accessories

Essential for all sportsmen, our range of fitness accessories will facilitate your training sessions.

In winter, arm sleeves, chokers or headbands will protect you from the cold and the weather.

In summer, opt for a cap or visor, which are ideal against the sun's rays.