Sports Bra KEEPFIT yellow

Get moving with peace of mind with the new KEEPFIT yellow sports bra for women.

Designed for high-intensity sports such as fitness, running and crossfit, this fitness bra has a reinforced support thanks to its elastic band located under the chest and the SENSITIV'MESH herringbone mesh located at the shoulders.

This support band keeps the bra in place during the effort, without tightening while the SENSITIV'MESH mesh reduces vibrations and keeps an optimal freedom of movement.

Its seamless design ensures a second skin sensation, improves comfort, avoids chafing and friction during sport.

To complete your sportswear, combine your bras with the KEEPFIT women's sports leggings.

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With SENSTIV'MESH, a herringbone mesh, the KEEPFIT BRASS ensures effective support to reduce vibrations and allow optimum freedom of movement.

Without tightening, its UNDERBELT HOLDING provides optimal support and comfort to accompany you during your sports sessions.

The seamless SEAMLESS design feels like a second skin and reduces friction with the skin to limit unpleasant irritations during your efforts.

The KEEPFIT BRASS has AERATED ZONES that allow perspiration to be evacuated and body temperature to be better regulated.

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The herringbone mesh provides a good support during the effort. It reduces vibrations and allows optimal freedom of movement. Most of the product is made of this mesh, which provides a massage sensation during exercise.

Support under the chest

A wide elastic band is located below the chest. This band allows an effective support of the chest without tightening. You thus preserve an optimal comfort during the effort.


The design of these tights is seamless, which prevents chafing and unpleasant irritation against the skin. Thanks to the seamlessness, your sports bra are like a second skin.

Ventilated areas

The keepfit bra have several zones of ventilated mesh strategically located on areas sensitive to perspiration during exercise. They allow a better regulation of body temperature.

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