Clothing and compression equipment for road and cycling

For amateur or experienced athletes, the practice of cycling requires an outfit adapted to this sport and to the weather conditions. Discover on BV Sport a wide selection of clothing and accessories for cycling, for men and women, at the best price.

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What equipment for the road bike?

Road cycling is practiced in different weather conditions: rain, cold, heat, etc. The bike outfit must therefore adapt to this environment. For example, it is essential to have a cycle jersey for the summer season. For maximum comfort and better performance, the outfit must also offer ease and practicality to the cyclist. Choosing the best cycling outfit also depends on the nature of the practice and personal goals.

You will find on BV Sport a range of cycling clothing for the upper and lower body, at the size and in the colors that best suit you.

Boost your sports performance with compression equipment

BV Sport has developed compression clothing and accessories for men and women, suitable for cycling. For training or competition, our compression equipment helps you reduce muscle fatigue, pain and risk of injury.

Compression sleeve, compression socks, recovery socks, t-shirt, shorts, triathlon suit: all our compression equipment offer you a better recovery.

Also take advantage of all the advantages of our cycling accessories such as arm cuffs, course laps or smartphone armbands for bikes.