Discover our full range of cycling clothing and accessories for men and women. Compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, triathlon suits, t-shirts, cycling accessories.



Discover our range of men's sportswear adapted to cycling. Find your equipment among our compression products, socks, recovery socks, t-shirts and tank tops, running socks, running accessories.


Discover our range of women's sportswear adapted to cycling. Find your equipment among our compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, t-shirts and tank tops, cycling socks, cycling accessories.

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For all lovers of sport, of cycling in the forest, of positive and negative gradients, for competition or simply for pleasure, BV Sport accompanies many male and female cyclists. 

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Compression clothing for cycling

At BV Sport we have designed a range of compression products for cycling, training and competition. With the aim of supporting both male and female cyclists, we have developed a range of products to support you before, during and after exercise. Following numerous researches and patents, our products will allow you to limit muscular fatigue, aches, muscular pains, injuries and help you to recover better. Discover our cycling ranges such as Booster calf sleeves, recovery socks, compression socks, cycling shorts, cycling t-shirts and tank tops, cycling socks, triathlon wetsuits and our running accessories.

Cycling compression sleeve

BV Sport's flagship product, the Booster Compression Sleeve, has become a must-have for many amateur and professional athletes since 2006. Thanks to a targeted compression at the calf level (BV Sport patent), this compression sleeve will be ideal during your cycling trips. This product will allow you to limit muscle fatigue, calf pain, avoid soreness and help recovery.

cycling compression socks

Divided into two categories, recovery socks and compression socks, this range of products for men and women is ideal if you are looking for a compression sock all in one. A perfect blend of a technical foot and selective calf compression, the compression sock will be your ideal partner to bring you comfort and well-being during your cycling trips. And once your effort is done, our recovery socks will be ideal to limit cramps, muscle contractures while improving your venous return and your recovery after the effort.

Cycling Triathlon Suit

Triathlon is a mixture of three demanding sports, so good equipment is essential. At BV Sport, we have designed a whole range of triathlon suits, with or without sleeves, allowing you to do all three disciplines (running, cycling and swimming) without changing your equipment.

Cycling tank tops and t-shirts

The black Cycle tank top for men is perfect for your summer cycling sessions. Its lightness, comfort and breathability make it an essential cycling garment for hot weather! This tank top is to be worn under your cycling jersey. It can also be used for running. Cyclists are often exposed to nipple chafing from rubbing against their cycling shirts or cycling suits. At Cheez BV Sport, we have designed a range of cycling shirts that address this issue. Thanks to its lightness, comfort and breathability, this cycling apparel is a must for all your summer cycling trips. This men's cycling tank top can be worn under your cycling jersey or under one of our T-shirts adapted to the effort.

cycling socks

During your cycling trips, the choice of the right socks is essential. At BV Sport, we have designed a range of socks adapted to cycling, to bring technicality and comfort to male and female cyclists. Developed by our research and development team with the help of cycling professionals, the BikeSocks are technical, resistant and have several reinforced areas to limit friction when you use the pedals but also when closing the shoe. The sock is available in a high or low profile and has a support at the level of the plantar fascia to generate maximum comfort.

cycling accessories

To get the most out of your cycling trips, you need the right equipment and accessories. In cold weather, our cycling accessories such as arm sleeves, neck warmers and gloves will help protect you from the elements. To stay connected during your rides without being bothered by your phone, our smartphone armbands for bicycles will allow you to go on cycling trips with peace of mind.