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Compression arm sleeves for sports

Wearing a pair of compression arm sleeves offers many advantages for the practice of a sport like trail running or running. Discover our compression cuffs at the best price with fast delivery.

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What are the benefits of compression sleeves?

Accelerate recovery with an arm compression sleeve

The muscle compression exerted by the sleeves on your arms promotes blood circulation and accelerates the elimination of lactic acid. In this way, you reduce muscle pain after exertion.

Good to know: the arm compression sleeves are an excellent complement to other accessories such as a pair of compression socks to improve recovery after your trail or running training sessions.

Avoid injuries during trail sessions with compression sleeves

Wearing a compression sleeve around the arm during trail training provides additional protection against oscillations and vibrations. Thus, you limit the damage to muscle fibers and joint pain related to the practice of this demanding sport.

Maintain body temperature

Putting a pair of arm compression sleeves during stress keeps your arm at a constant temperature for optimal performance. It also offers protection against the cold during a trail or running training in winter.

The BOOSTER technology of our arm compression sleeves

Our black BOOSTER arm compression sleeve exercises selective compression while respecting the anatomy and muscle physiology (male or female). Thus, our headlines allow us to:

  • Push back the tetany from the forearms during exercise
  • Limit oscillations and vibrations that cause muscle injury