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Thanks to its phosphorescent thread, the new TRAIL ULTRA NIGHT FEVER DBDB sock will make your nighttime outings even more fun and provide you with visibility on dark trails.

Made in France, the TRAIL ULTRA-C Collector DBDB Night Fever running socks are the result of an exclusive collaboration with Des Bosses et Des Bulles.

Technical, resilient, comfortable, and ultra-reinforced, these high socks will adapt to trail running at all distances.

They feature targeted reinforcements at strategic points of the foot and stabilizing support at the ankle while maintaining optimal comfort. Thanks to a breathable and mesh design, they quickly wick away perspiration to keep you fresh and dry during your outings.

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Designed for trail running at all distances, the "made in France TRAIL ULTRA - COLLECTOR DBDB Night Fever socks in collaboration with "Des Bosses Des Bulles" are technical, comfortable, durable, and ultra-reinforced.

They feature an ultra-reinforced 3D anatomical sole that improves foot stability in the shoe while protecting it from impacts on the ground.

The 360° foot and ankle support and stabilization allow to maintain the ankle while stabilizing the foot in the shoe.

The TRAIL ULTRA COLLECTOR x DBDB Night Fever has targeted reinforcements in areas prone to overheating or strategic points of high contact on rugged paths: ankles, Achilles tendon, lacing point, heel, and toe.

The lightweight and honeycombed mesh allows for sweat evaporation throughout the effort to stay dry for as long as possible.

The wide ribbed edge prevents a tourniquet effect while effectively keeping the sock in place.

The high socks TRAIL ULTRA COLLECTOR x DBDB Night Fever have flat seams to reduce friction and foot irritation. They are also asymmetrical to fit perfectly with the foot's anatomy.

The colors and various patterns make them suitable for a lifestyle.

The DBDB Collector Night Fever socks are also designed with a phosphorescent thread that will make you visible during your night outings.



There is no chance, just appointments.

That of a brand from Saint-Etienne, established for more than 20 years on the planet Trail, and of a draftsman from Lyon, Matthieu Forichon, who depicts it with humor and lightness in his famous drawings Des bosses et Des bulles (Bumps and Bubbles).

No bell tower quarrel, in Trail, Sainté and Lyon are written with a hyphen, and not only on a cold December night!

This collaboration, which also marks the beginning of the Made in France production of BV Sport socks, transposes the fun and offbeat universe of Des bosses et Des bulles on technical products, essential for the Trailer, in racing and training but also in everyday life.

Starting with a white sock, let Matthieu have total freedom to propose a first collection, and succeed in transposing it technically on our products without losing the detail and the fineness of the features.

A successful gamble. The BV SPORT x DBDB collaboration is born, and the adventure has only just begun !

Packaging_éco-responsable Because we make it a point of honor to adopt an eco-responsible attitude, the packaging of this product is designed entirely with recyclable materials.

95% Polyamide - 5% Elastane
Washing process
Cold wash in washing machine (30° max) / Tumble dry not allowed
Socks DBDB Night fever Sainté-Lyon

Ultra reinforced 3D anatomical insole

Technique : Combination of 2 types of mesh (thick and fine).

Action : Protects contact areas, optimizes proprioception and improves foot stabilization.

Benefits : Reduced friction and heat build-up in the sole.

360° Support and stabilisation of the foot and ankle

Technique : Ribbed mesh positioned at the ankle joint.

Action : Maintains and stabilizes the ankle without compressing.

Benefits : Optimal ankle support during the stride.

Malleolus and Achille's tendon protection

Technique : Loop mesh located at the level of the malleoli and Achille's tendon.

Action : Protects sensitive structures and absorbs shocks.

Benefits : Provides targeted protection.

Ventilated mesh

Technique : Lightweight, honeycombed mesh on the top of the foot.

Action : Accelerates thermal regulation. Optimal ventilation.

Benefits : Effectively wicks away perspiration.

Heel and toe reinforcement

Technique : Mesh in loop located at the level of the tiptoe and the heel.

Action : Limits heating and friction on the extremities of the foot.

Benefits : Improves comfort and limits the appearance of blisters.

Heel and toe reinforcement

Technique :  Mesh in loop located at the level of the tiptoe and the heel.

Action : Limits heating and friction on the extremities of the foot.

Benefits : Improves comfort and limits the appearance of blisters.

Wide border

Technique : Discharge strip on the upper edge of the sock.

Action : Maintains the sock effectively without tourniquet effect.

Benefits : Improves stem hold.