Discover our entire range of multi-sport clothing for men and women. Compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, shorts, t-shirts, multi-sport accessories.



Discover our range of men's multi-sport clothing. Find your equipment among our compression products, socks, recovery socks, tee-shirt, socks, multisport accessories.


Discover our range of women's multi-sport clothing. Find your equipment among our compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, t-shirts, socks, multisport accessories.

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The international footballer, renowned for his technique and dribbling skills, is a loyal user of BV SPORT compression products. A key member of the French Futsal team...

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Compression clothes multisports

In all team sports, having the right equipment is essential, whether you're a professional, an amateur or just doing it for fun. Our range of products for team sports, for men and women, will bring you a better recovery, reduce the risk of injury and improve venous return. Discover our compression socks and sleeves, shorts, tee shirts and socks for team sports for men and women! Discover our 2 flagship products in an exclusive pack: the black EVO2 Booster and the white ProRecup Elite EVO recovery sock.

Compression sleeve multisports

Since 2006, the compression sleeve has been the flagship product of BV Sport. Used by many professional and amateur sportsmen in many team sports, the Booster allows athletes to produce a long-lasting effort thanks to a targeted compression on the calf (BV Sport patent). Ideal during training sessions or even matches, the calf compression sleeve helps to limit muscle fatigue, calf pain, avoid soreness and help recovery.

Discover our Performance Pack: the black EVO2 Booster and the white ProRecup Elite EVO recovery sock.

compression socks multisports

Our range of compression socks is divided into two categories: compression socks for exercise and recovery socks. If you're looking for an all-in-one sock, the compression sock is for you. Designed with a technical foot to limit friction and selective compression in the calf area, the compression sock will be your ideal partner during your physical activities. Once the effort is over, the recovery sock will play an essential role in your recovery. The compression of the calf (BV Sport patent), will allow you to limit cramps, muscle contractures while improving your venous return and your recovery.

Discover our Performance Pack: the black EVO2 Booster and the white ProRecup Elite EVO recovery sock.

Compression shorts multisports

When playing team sports such as football, handball or basketball, thigh injuries are common. At BV Sport, we have designed a range of CSX compression shorts for men and women, to take care of both amateur and professional athletes. Made from variable stiffness mesh, the CSX shorts provide targeted compression to reduce the risk of soreness or injury.

compression shirts multisports

Whatever the sport, it is important to feel comfortable in your clothes. Our range of RTECH T-shirts for men and women has been designed to provide undeniable muscle support for the muscles most in demand during exercise. Long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless, this seamless technical top provides better thermal regulation and efficient evacuation of perspiration to stay dry during exercise.

Mutlisports socks

Playing team sports such as football or basketball requires good equipment, especially socks to avoid the risk of chafing and blisters. The multi-sport socks have been designed exclusively to meet these requirements. Made with a breathable mesh, a reinforced anatomical sole, reinforcements at the heel and toe, the multi-sports socks will offer you comfort and well-being during your training sessions or competitions.

Multisports accessories

As most team sports are played outdoors, it is important to have equipment and accessories that are adapted to the weather. In cold weather, Booster sleeves, hats, gloves or neck warmers will protect you for your comfort and well-being. In summer, to avoid being bothered by the sun's rays, the cap will be your ideal partner.