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Made in our French production plant, this MULTISPORTS 2-in-1 sock offers the CALF compression (BV SPORT patent) of the BOOSTER combined with an ultra-technical foot. The right amount of compression on the calves improves veinous return, helps deliver more oxygen to the muscles, tendons and ligaments there by optimising performance.

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XLR EVO Multisports compression socks have the appraisal of our research center concerning compression. A partnership of 14 years with technical staff, medical federation and professional teams has been set up to improve this socks.

Manufactured in our factory in France, this MULSPORTS socks couples the Calf compression of the BOOSTER (BVSPORT Patent) and an ultra technical socks « system Y-SPORT »

The suitable compression at the calf (selective compression – BVSPORT patent) of the XLR EVO improves the venous return. The great oxygenation of muscles, tendons, ligaments allows to improve performances and your physiological ability.

The reinforced knitting until the Achille’s tendon improves muscular support. It limits the vibrations and the parasites oscillations, it decreases the risk of pain and prevents fatigue. 

There is a specific light mesh in the tibia area in order to protect this sensitive area and reinforcement at the Achille’s tendon. An other light mesh is also foucused at the ankle for an optimum comfort.

It is easy to slip on, it is comfortable and it is efficient. The XLR EVO will be an ally for every sport.


The BV SPORT research and development centre, with its many scientific studies, proved that the pressure put on the lower limbs varies depending on the type and thickness of the living biological tissues of which they are composed. These tissues act as a pressure shock absorber (muscles and fat) or are otherwise incompressible (bones and, to a lesser extent, tendons and nerves).

These innovative factors have enabled us to design meshes of variable levels of rigidity (flexible/semi-rigid/rigid), which have been incorporated into the production of our compression ranges (Booster and ProRecup) since 2004.

Selective compression respects athletes’ anatomy and physiology, optimises muscular biomechanics during movement, improves venous return, limits extraneous vibrations and oscillations, decreases the risk of stiffness and DOMS and raises the fatigue threshold.


Prefer ProRecup Elite range during the recovery phasis or the Confort range for a daily use and when you're travelling.

The BV SPORT logo should be in front, under the knee cap. 

Washing machine at 30° maximum or by hand. Dry naturally. No tumble dryer.


- In cas of venous pathology, contact your doctor.

- Do not wear during sleep.