Women's anti-cellulite sport shorts

Exclusive to BV Sport, the KEEPFIT anti-cellulite sports shorts allow, thanks to the adaptation of the "Palpate-roll" massage technique on textiles, to improve the fragmentation and evacuation of fat cells. Resulting from cutting-edge scientific research, our anti-cellulite shorts are adapted to women's physiology. Our scientific studies in selective compression have enabled us to develop an untreated anticellulite garment with an efficacy of 82% (clinical study), a reduction in thigh circumference of up to 2.7cm and up to -51% cellulite.

  • KEEPFIT is a compression sport thigh with anti cellulite properties. It is designed for active women who are aware of their wellbeing. To obtain significant results with your KEEPFIT, it requires a bit of exercise.

    54,08 € 29,13 €
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