Triathlon is an endurance sport combining three sports disciplines that must be completed in a minimum of time: swimming, cycling and running.
This practice is available on short or long distances, which varies the level of difficulty of the race. It starts with a swimming part, most often in open water, then a cycling part and finally the final event, running, most often on roads.
The triathlon requires to have adapted products in order to optimize its race and to lose as little time as possible in the transition zones. The transition zone is the area where the bikes are stored and the triathletes' running equipment such as running shoes, sunglasses, cap/visor etc...
This transition area is often located at the exit of the swim event where you get out of the water to go on to the bike event and once the bike event is over, to put your shoes on to run the final road event.
For high level and amateur triathletes, whether it is a short or long distance race, these transition phases are strategic and can make you gain (or lose) precious seconds.
The triathlete is therefore looking for a product that allows him to lose as little time as possible during transitions and that he can keep during the three events.

Our range of triathlon textiles is designed to meet the constraints of swimming, cycling and running for both men and women.


The triathlon wetsuit is the essential sportswear that allows you to practice the three events of a triathlon without changing clothes, hence the name trifunction.
The tri-suit allows you to swim, bike and run without having to change clothes, saving you precious time in the transitions. Therefore, it is important to put the price in a quality and efficient product.
For the swim phase, our triathlon suits are made from water repellent ACQUA ZERO fiber and Eclipse microfiber for fast drying, improved thermal regulation and protection from harmful UV rays.
For the bike part, comfort is the key, the men's sleeveless triathlon suit 3X100 from BV Sport is equipped with a chamois exclusively developed for BV SPORT suits. This HD3 chamois is made from a thermal regulating fabric called: Ambra Sande. This ultra-breathable chamois - located in the crotch - is quite dense and has a gel that allows a better distribution of support on the saddle for cycling while being extra thin so as not to hinder you during the road running event
For the final event, running, ground impact and muscle fatigue can take their toll on your body. Thanks to the muscle support and the combination of the trifunction and compression sleeves, you will be able to run a long distance on the road while limiting your muscle fatigue.
At BV SPORT, we offer a complete range of triathlon suits. A short sleeve triathlon suit and a sleeveless triathlon suit.
You can also complete your triathlon equipment with compression textiles such as compression sleeves, recovery socksrunning socks made in France or triathlon accessories.

Other disciplines :

If you are doing a swimrun in addition to a triathlon, your products must be able to handle the distances between events without discomfort. Unlike a triathlon event, a swimrun does not have transition areas where you can change your products between events. You must keep all your equipment, from your wetsuit to your shoes, for the duration of the event.
Our men's and women's triathlon wetsuits will allow you to complete the swim and run courses with incomparable comfort.
You can also find some variations of triathlon for which our men's and women's triathlon suits will be very useful such as the cross triathlon.
The cross triathlon consists in linking 3 sports activities, swimming in white water, mountain biking and running. The bikes are replaced by the practice of mountain biking.

Find all the textile dedicated to triathlon with mixed models, adapted for women and men.


Several criteria are to be taken into account for the choice of your trifonction like: Material, elasticity, breathability, comfort, short sleeves or sleeveless, muscle support, chamois, size, reviews of the model, price etc...
The elasticity of your triathlon suit plays a very important role in your freedom of movement! A suit that fits you well and has good elasticity will allow you to avoid discomfort so that you can concentrate on the essential, the race.
A light tri-suit will improve your comfort... and your performance. It is also important that your tri suit is as breathable as possible, triathlon is a sport where you sweat a lot. So, to stay dry, choose a tri-function designed with breathable material(s), like Eclipse fiber.
You can also choose a sleeveless version for triathlons where the temperature is high or a short-sleeved version when the temperature is a bit cooler.
In order to accompany you here are trifonctions suits for men and trifonctions suits for women at the best price.
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