ARX Arm Sleeves yellow

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The yellow compression arm sleeve has to be worn during the effort. 

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The yellow compression arm sleeve has to be worn during the effort.
It was conceived to assure a muscular support. The vibrations are reduced without affecting the freedom of movement.

By using the BONES fiber, the arm band allows a maximal evacuation of sweat.
BONES fiber is a high-tech innovative fiber containing a trabecular bone shape.

This fiber improves the thermic exchange, it is 3 times more efficient than cotton and 2 times more efficient than classic polyamides.

The sweat is quickly transferred to the outside of the textile allowing a better regulation of the body temperature.

Arm sleeves ARX yellow

Morphotech Technology

Improve breathability and sweat removal

Zones aérées Airgon

Améliorent la respirabilité et favorisent l’évacuation de la transpiration.

Flat seams

For optimal confort

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