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Made in France, the RUN MARATHON+ sock is resistant, reinforced, and ultra-light for running on all distances.

It features a technical 3D anatomical sole, targeted reinforcements on strategic points of the foot, and stabilizing knitting around the ankle while maintaining optimal comfort.

With its airy and perforated mesh, it effectively wicks away sweat.

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The RUN MARATHON+ Sock, made in France, is ultra-technical, comfortable, lightweight, and reinforced for running on all distances.

It features a TECHNICAL 3D ANATOMICAL SOLE, inspired by automobile tires, which improves foot stability within the shoe throughout the effort.

The 360° SUPPORT AND STABILIZATION OF THE ANKLE allows ankle support while stabilizing the foot within the shoe.

The RUN MARATHON+ has TARGETED REINFORCEMENTS on strategic zones with a lot of heat or contact: the Achilles tendon, the lacing area, the heel, and the toe area.

The lightened and structured mesh allows sweat evacuation throughout the effort.

The wide ribbed cuff prevents a tourniquet effect while effectively holding the sock in place.

The RUN MARATHON+ has FLAT SEAMS to reduce friction and foot irritations.

It is also ASYMMETRIC to perfectly fit the foot's anatomy.

84% Polyamide - 16% Elasthanne
Washing process
Cold wash in the washing machine (30° max) / Drying prohibited
Chaussette RUN MARATHON noir

Reinforced 3D Anatomical Sole

Technique: Combination of 2 types of meshes with integrated loop.

Action: Protects contact zones, optimizes proprioception, and improves foot stabilization.

Benefits: Reduces friction and overheating.

360° Foot and Ankle Support and Stabilization

Technique: Ribbed mesh positioned at the ankle joint.

Action: Maintains and stabilizes the ankle without compression.

Benefits: Optimal ankle support during the stride.

Achilles Tendon Protection

Technique: Loop mesh located at the ankles and Achilles tendon.

Action: Protects sensitive structures and absorbs shocks.

Benefits: Provides targeted protection.

Aerated Mesh

Technique: Lightened and structured mesh on the top of the foot.

Action: Accelerates thermal regulation. Optimal ventilation.

Benefits: Effectively wicks away sweat.

Heel and Toe Reinforcements

Technique: Loop mesh (Friction Free) located at the toe and heel.

Action: Limits overheating and friction on the foot's extremities.

Benefits: Improves comfort and limits the occurrence of blisters.

Reinforcements on the Lacing Area

Technique: Loop mesh.

Action: Reduces overheating on the upper part of the foot in contact with the lacing area and tongue.

Benefits: Improves the fit of the upper.

Wide border

Technique: Relief band on the upper edge.

Action: Efficiently holds the sock without a tourniquet effect.

Benefits: Improves the fit of the upper.