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Composed of a unique and patented mesh structure, the CSX PRO EVO2 men's and women's trail short black is equipped with a technical waistband containing 3 elastic pockets and 1 zippered pocket allowing you to bring your trail gear during your training sessions and competitions. Using selective compression, the CSX PRO EVO2 short trail optimizes muscle support and reduces parasitic vibrations and oscillations by up to 49% during ground impacts thanks to the Shockwave effect. It also has a silicone grip on the thighs to improve the grip of the hands during the thrust phases during positive elevation changes in the mountains.

TRAIL USE : Training and competitions


In its Trail version, the black CSX PRO EVO2 compression short is equipped with a technical waistband with 1 zippered pocket and 3 elastic pockets to carry your trail gear during outings.

Designed with variable stiffness mesh (ULTRA-SOFT/SEMI-SOFT/SEMI-RIGID). Selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of athletes, optimizes muscle support during each impact on the ground. The CSX PRO EVO2 male/female trail shorts reduce muscle oscillations by up to 49% during ground impacts thanks to the SHOCKWAVE EFFECT, alternating ultra-flexible and rigid mesh, which will disrupt the shock wave during each ground impact.

The CSX PRO EVO2 pushes back the phenomenon of heavy legs, pushes back the fatigue threshold and reduces the risk of aches and pains and prepares from the effort for recovery.

The CSX EVO2 PRO compression shorts have a silicone grip on the thighs to facilitate the grip of the hands during the thrust phases on positive elevation changes.

The SENSIL INNERGY fiber, combined with the ventilated areas, maintains an ideal body temperature for the effort while evacuating up to 30%* more perspiration (*compared to a lycra running shorts) and ensuring optimal breathability during your training and competitions. The CSX PRO EVO2 Short reduces body heat by up to 11% compared to Lycra running shorts.

Flat seams provide comfort while reducing friction and irritation.



The BV SPORT’s R&D Center has demonstrated by its many scientific works that the pressures transmitted to the lower members vary in function of the type and the thickness of biological tissues that composes it. These tissues behave as shock absorbers of pressure (muscles and fat) and, on the contrary, are non-compression (bones, tendons and nerves).


These innovative parameters have permitted us to conceive meshes of different levels of rigidity (soft, demi-rigid, rigid) that have been integrated since 20014 in the manufacturing of our compression range: Booster and ProRecup. The selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of athletes, optimizes the muscular biomechanics, improves the venous return, limits the vibrations and parasites oscillations, decreases the risk of pain and prevents fatigue. 


The NILIT INNERGY fiber that makes up the CSX PRO EVO2 shorts has thermal properties that improve heat exchange and maintain ideal body heat whatever the outside temperature. It optimizes muscle elasticity and skin tone.

178 g (Size M)
92% Polyamide - 8% Elastane

The 250ml / 8oz 45 softflask is a must-have accessory if you want to easily hydrate on your running trips.

Always at hand, the soft flask is lightweight, has a silicone nipple and is designed without PVC or BPA to promote healthy hydration without the bad taste.

The 250ml softflask is ideal for carrying your energy drinks, gels and water during your runs.

This lightweight soft flask has a twist-off cap for quick filling and a soft silicone nipple to prevent water from leaking during your runs.

The flexible material allows it to fit into your hydration bag or waist belt.

Designed without PVC or BPA to prevent water from tasting bad and to ensure healthy hydration.

70% Polyurethane - 20% Polypropylene - 10% Silicone
Shorts CSX Pro EVO2 black

Soft mesh

Technique : Lightweight mesh on the side of the thigh.

Action : Protection of the sensitive lateral structures of the thigh and knee during flexion.

Benefits : Limits the risk of tendinitis.

Semi-rigid mesh

Technique : Semi-rigid mesh in the quadriceps and buttocks.

Action : Muscular support during knee extensions. Reduces quadriceps vibrations.

Benefits : Reduces the risk of muscle injuries.

Rigid mesh

Technique : Rigid mesh in the hamstrings and on the upper part of the adductors.

Action : Muscular protection during knee flexions. Reduces hamstring vibrations.

Benefits : Reduces post-exercise muscle stiffness.

Ultra-soft mesh

Technique : Alternating ultra-flexible and rigid mesh placed on the thigh.

Action : Disrupts the shock wave caused by the transient impact on the ground.

Benefits : Significantly reduces parasitic vibrations and oscillations, causes of muscular injuries and lesions (periostitis, tibial fractures, DOMS).

Sensil Innergy fiber

Technique : Microfiber with thermal properties.

Action : Improves heat exchange.

Benefits : Optimizes muscle elasticity and skin tone.

Ventilated areas

Technique : Ventilation of the mesh at strategic areas (crotch and back).

Action : Improves ventilation.

Benefits : Effectively wicks perspiration away from the body.

Technical belt

Technique : Wide elastic waistband with 3 elastic pockets and 1 zippered pocket.

Action : Its equipment at your fingertips.

Benefits : Allows you to store most of your trail equipment for mountain outings (150 ml flask, smartphone, keys, cuffs, gloves, etc.).

Wide border

Technique : Discharge strip on the upper edge.

Action : Effectively maintains the shorts without tourniquet effect.

Benefits : Optimal comfort during the effort.

Grip silicone

Technique : Addition of silicone grip on the thigh.

Action : Allows hands to slide less when climbing.

Benefits : Better grip in the climbing phases.

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