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Made in France, the navy blue BOOSTER arm sleeve is composed of a unique and patented mesh structure, the selective compression. Allowing an effective muscular support and an optimal comfort of the arm while keeping a total freedom of movement.

This arm sleeve made in France is designed for men and women looking to limit forearm tetany and reduce the risk of muscular injuries related to the physical demands of certain sports such as running, trail running, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, climbing or fitness and Crossfit.

Use : During exercise.

+ product :

  • Muscle support
  • Limit forearm tetany
  • Reduce muscle injuries
  • Comfortable
  • Freedom of movement
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Designed and manufactured in our production unit in Saint-Etienne, the navy blue made in France BOOSTER sleeve is an arm sleeve designed to meet the physical demands encountered in a multitude of sports such as running, trail running, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, climbing or even Fitness and CrossFit.

The Booster Sleeve is based on selective compression (BV SPORT patent), comprising variable stiffness meshes (soft/semi-rigid/stiff) strategically placed throughout the arm. This design technique effectively respects the anatomy and muscular physiology of the athlete while providing effective muscle support.

The navy blue arm sleeves mainly help to prevent tetany of the forearms, to lower the fatigue threshold, to limit oscillations and parasitic vibrations that cause muscular injuries and to reduce the risk of muscle soreness.

The flexion point of the elbow joint is lightened to guarantee total freedom of movement without constraints.

With a wide ribbed edge, the Booster compression cuffs are effectively maintained and avoid the tourniquet effect during exercise.


Technique : The BV SPORT Research and Development Centre has demonstrated through its numerous scientific studies that the pressures transmitted to the lower limbs vary according to the type and thickness of the living biological tissues that make them up. These tissues behave like pressure absorbers (muscles and fat) or on the contrary are incompressible (bones and to a lesser extent tendons and nerves). 

These innovative parameters have enabled us to design meshes with variable rigidities (soft/semi-rigid/rigid).

Action : Selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of sportsmen and women, optimises muscle support during each impact on the ground and significantly reduces vibrations and parasitic oscillations.

Benefits: Repels the phenomenon of muscular fatigue, reduces the risk of muscle soreness and DOMS and prepares for muscular recovery after exercise.

46 g (size M)
90% Polyamide - 10% Elastan
Washing process
Cold wash in washing machine (30° max) / Tumble dry not allowed
Arm sleeves Booster grey

Soft mesh

Technique: Lightweight mesh placed at the elbow joint and at the bony parts.

Action : Protection of the sensitive structures of the forearm and elbow joint.

Benefits: Helps reduce the risk of tendonitis.

Semi-rigid mesh

Technique: Semi-rigid mesh on the lateral parts of the arm (brachialis muscle) and on the termination of the superficial flexor muscle of the fingers.

Action : Muscular support during flexion and extension movements of the forearm on the arm. Reduces vibrations on the whole arm.

Benefits: Reduces the risk of muscle injuries.

Rigid mesh

Technique: Rigid mesh in the arm muscles (biceps and triceps) and forearm muscles (essential muscles of the elbow, wrist and hand joints).

Action : Muscle protection during flexion and extension movements. Reduces vibrations in the whole arm.

Benefits: Reduces muscular stiffness, particularly to help limit tetany of the forearms.

Y-Sport System

Technique: Combination of lightweight knitting and stabilising knitting at the elbow joint.

Action : Does not compress the nerves and tendons during elbow flexion while adjusting the position of the cuff during flexion/extension movements.

Benefits: Protects the sensitive structures (nerves and tendons) of the elbow joint during flexion/extension movements.

Wide border

Technique: Discharge strip on top and bottom edges.

Action: Effectively holds the cuff in place without a tourniquet effect.

Benefits: Optimal comfort during effort.