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Find the 2 main products of BV SPORT in one single pack. The EVO2 Booster for the effort that constitutes the apogee of selective compression, and the ProRecup Elite EVO recovery sock that allows the rapid elimination of poorly oxygenated venous blood filled with toxins (lactic acids, free radicals, CO2...)

The products are packed in a premium box.

Booster EVO2 color : Black

ProRecup Elite EVO : White

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The BOOSTER Elite EVO2 combines the latest textile innovations and BV Sport's several validations and scientific studies.

The new compression calf sleeve has been designed using several types of mesh (ultra-flexible/flexible/semi-rigid/rigid) to exert specific pressure on the calfshin and ankle.

The SHOCKWAVE EFFECT, the major innovation on the entire BOOSTER Elite Evo2reduces up to 42% the vibrations and muscle oscillations produced by the shock wave that is created by each impact of the feet on the ground.

The CALF SUPPORT unique compression principle patented by BV SPORT and targeted at the calf, significantly improves venous returnenhancing muscletendon and ligament's oxygenation.

The combination of these innovations allows a 39% reduction in post-exercise muscle aches.

Regular use of the BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 delays the onset of heavy legs, increases the threshold for fatigue, reduces the risk of muscular aches, considerably lowers the risk of injuries and muscle damages and prepares the body for recovery from the outset.


Technology : The BV SPORT Research & Development Centre has conducted numerous scientific studies proving that pressure transmitted to the leg varies based on the type and thickness of the living biological tissue. These tissues either act as pressure absorbers (muscle and fat) or are non-compressible (bone and to a lesser extent the tendons and nerves).

We have used these innovative parameters to design a range of meshes (ultra-flexible/flexible/semi-rigid/rigid) which, since 2004, have been incorporated into the design of our Booster and ProRecup compression ranges.

Mechanism of action Selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of the athlete’s body, improving venous return, optimising muscle performance with every impact and significantly dampening unwanted vibration and oscillation.

Benefits  : Regular use of the BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 delays the onset of heavy legs, increases the threshold for fatigue, reduces the risk of aches, considerably lowers the risk of injury and muscle damage and prepares the body for recovery from the outset. See clinical studies.


Prefer ProRecup Elite range during the recovery phasis or the Confort range for a daily use and when you're travelling.

Booster Elite are an asymetric sleeves. The BV SPORT logo should be in front, under the knee cap. The Booster logo should be outside (external side of the calf).

Washing machine at 30° maximum or by hand. Dry naturally. No tumble dryer.


- In cas of venous pathology, contact your doctor.

- Do not wear during sleep.


BV SPORT’s crown jewel since 1998, and undoubtedly the most technical product, this recovery sock is made using a special knitting technique and pressure calibrated on high-level athletes for a number of years. 
It is used and praised by over 10,000 high-level athletes and professional players, and the number of users continues to increase at all levels every day.

The adapted compression effect on the CALF, which really is a vascular and muscular sponge, facilitates the rapid elimination of poorly oxygenated and toxin-filled venous blood (lactic acid, free radicals, CO2...) Your muscle, tendon and ligament fibres will very quickly be fuelled with oxygenated blood, thereby enabling you to recover as quickly as possible in order to complete your training sessions and competitions one after the other in excellent conditions.


The BV SPORT research and development centre, with its many scientific studies, proved that the pressure put on the lower limbs varies depending on the type and thickness of the living biological tissues of which they are composed. These tissues act as a pressure shock absorber (muscles and fat) or are otherwise incompressible (bones and, to a lesser extent, tendons and nerves).

These innovative factors have enabled us to design meshes of variable levels of rigidity (flexible/semi-rigid/rigid), which have been incorporated into the production of our compression ranges (Booster and ProRecup) since 2004.

Selective compression respects athletes’ anatomy and physiology, optimises muscular biomechanics during movement, improves venous return, limits extraneous vibrations and oscillations, decreases the risk of stiffness and DOMS and raises the fatigue threshold.


The PRORecup Elite EVO range must be worn as soon as possible after each exercise session (training, match or competition) for a minimum of 2 hours. You can wear the PRORecup Elite for longer, particularly during physical preparations or after long exercise sessions.

The PRORecup Elite EVO range is an essential addition to other recovery techniques as it extends their beneficial effects (massages, stretching, electrostimulation and pressotherapy...).


- In cas of venous pathology, contact your doctor.

- Do not wear during sleep.

Booster EVO2 : 85% Polyamide - 15% ElastaneProRecup Elite EVO : 77% Polyamide - 23% Elastane
Bosster Elite EVO2 black

Breakthrough "SHOCKWAVE EFFECT" mesh

Technique : Alternating ultra-flexible and rigid mesh for better cushioning and shock absorbency.

Action : This new knit technology is used across the whole of the BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 and dissipates the shock waves generated from the impact to the limb during weight-bearing.

Benefits : Significantly dampens unwanted vibration and oscillation, which cause muscle damage and injury (periostitis, tibial fractures, DOMS).

Calf support

Technique : Targeted pressure and rigid mesh for the calf.

Action : Improves venous return and accelerates the elimination of toxins (CO2, free radicals) accumulated in the calf. Dampens muscle vibration and oscillation.

Benefits : Delays heavy legs and increases the threshold for fatigue. Reduces the onset of periostitis and DOMS.

Aero tibial window

Technique : Flexible and Aerated mesh positioned over the tibia.

Action : Protects the sensitive pre-tibial structures (periostium, superficial nerves and microcirculation).

Benefits : Greater comfort and perception. Reduces the onset of periostitis.

"Socket 3D" mesh

Technique : A cellular 3D mesh for greater Achilles tendon support.

Action : The cumulative effect of the 3D Socket and Shock Wave meshes disperses muscle vibration and oscillation thanks to its cellular structure..

Benefits : Reduces the risk of Achilles tendon inflammation.

"Tap control" support mesh

Technique : Semi-rigid mesh positioned to support the anterior tibia and triceps surae (lateral/medical gastrocnemius and soleus).

Action : The Tap Control mesh supports the tendons of the triceps surae and anterior lower leg.

Benefits : Reduces the risk of tendinitis and injury and improves muscle efficiency during weight-bearing, especially on uneven surfaces and inclines.

Socks Prorecup Elite white

Slective compression

Adapted pressure to the calf. Fast and effective elimination of toxins.

Calf support

Reinforced knit at the calf. Improves muscular support at the calf and reduces parasitic oscillatory movements and vibrations, sources of muscular lesions and fatigue.

Aero tibial window

A specific lighter mesh on the shins. Protects the sensitive pre-tibial structures: Periosteum, superficial nerves and microcirculation.

Soleus Protect System

Supports the Achilles tendon. Improves the tone of the stabilising calf muscles and reduces extraneous vibrations and oscillations.

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Helps prevent tightness whilst maintaining blood flow.