Le 18 April 2019

Booster Elite EVO2, a new compression experience !

Booster Elite EVO2 compression sleeve

BV SPORT, is founded on 20 years of scientific research on athletes’ venous return and is based in aproduction unit in Saint-Étienne in France, which allows us to pay particular attention to the design and production quality of all our ranges of compression socks and sleeves. These rangesare designed on circular knitting machines (medical or footwear). This manufacturing technique means we can control the pressures applied and ensure an optimal morphological compliance with the 10 available sizes.  

BV SPORT has also been the guarantor of professional clubs, sports federations, medical staff and top-level athletes since 1998. 

At the beginning of 2019, we present to you the BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 sleeve. This new generation of compression sleeves developed by our Research and Development Centre, has been endorsed by multiple tests carried out with top-level athletes and sports amateurs. 


Progressive and Selective compression: Improved venous return ! 

The calf, which is also called the second heart of the human body, is a muscle pump and the auxiliary venous reservoir to the lower limbs

Its blood flow capacity goes from 50ml when resting to 500ml during exercise.

During a day of work or when exercising, the venous return occurs naturally with each step: when contracting, the calf muscles are compressed, reducing the diameter of the deep veins (which are dilated and full of toxins, CO2 and free radicals), thereby promoting blood flow to the heart.

The "PROGRESSIVE" compression, which is unique to BV SPORT, compliments this natural principle, both through socks for recovery phases and through sleeves which are solely dedicated to when you are doing exercise. The varying pressures are applied to the calves to promote the elimination of toxins and improved venous return.

We talk about PROGRESSIVE and "SELECTIVE”compression because the applied pressure is not distributed evenly around the calf. Thanks to the varying rigidity meshes, there is less pressure on the tibia, which is made up of sensitive structures, and there is more pressure on the calf, which is made of muscle and fat. 

Many studies have been carried out and these two compression principles have been scientifically approved with MRIs and ultrasounds. The results were published and presented at international medical congresses.

Compression sleeves Booster EVO2

An independent clinical trialconducted by an Austrian doctor and an Italian professor in 2015, shows the superiority of BV SPORT’s progressive and selective approach, as its venous return efficiency was estimated at 79%.  

The Shockwave Effect: Reduces the shock wave, vibrations and oscillations !  

There are muscle oscillations or vibrations every time your feet hit the ground. This impact causes a shock wave which successively goes back up our skeleton in levels from the feet up to the head.

Our musculoskeletal system naturally reduces these shock waves through the muscles, tendons, calves and quadriceps, which act as shock absorbers, but also thanks to the joints which disrupt the shock wave.

The Booster Elite EVO2 is made up of different types of meshes: ultra-flexible, flexible, semi-rigid and rigid which are all throughout the sleeve. These varying meshes (Shockwave Effect) disrupt and significantly reduce the shock wave

In order to assess this new disruptive knitting technology, a vibration test was carried out by using triaxial accelerometers on a panel of athletes. These athletes performed several exercises by combining three different ways of wearing compression sleeves: without compression sleeves, with smooth compression sleeves and with the new Booster Elite EVO2 compression sleeves.  

Booster Elite EVO2 noir

The results show that wearing a Booster Elite EVO2 significantly reduces the shock wave, vibrations and oscillations:

- By up to 42% compared to someone not wearing a compression sleeve.

- By up to 37% compared to someone wearing smooth compression sleeves. 


The pressures applied on the BOOSTER sleeves have been the same since 2001 when the first exercise BOOSTER was created. Since then, BV SPORT’s Research and Development Centre has continued to improve on the comfort and how it feels to athletes’ and sports people of all levels thanks, in particular, to the alternating meshes and respect for sensitive structures. This new BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 has taken this to the next level, which is the general opinion of all the people who tested it, as it is more comfortable and more effective than its previous versions.


Nicolas Martin

Nicolas Martinworld champion runner up in 2016 and trail Champion of France in 2017,also testifies to the efficiency and promises of the new Booster Elite EVO2: 

"I have been wearing the BOOSTER ELITE EVO2 sleeve regularly since November 2018, both in training and competitions. After a big session where my feet hit the ground quite a few times, thanks to the BOOSTER ELITE EVO2, there is less impact on my muscles, particularly when it comes to calf aches. The sleeve has an undeniable impact on recovery. It also feels different [compared to the old Booster Elite]: you completely forget you are wearing it. If you forget you are wearing the Booster and it is efficient, it has 200% achieved its purpose." ” 

For optimal efficiency, comfort and sensations, it is very important that you take your measurements correctly.

Ideally when you get up in the morning, use a tape measure and our size guide on our website to find out what size you are (BOOSTER Elite sleeves, PRORECUP Elite recovery socks).

We would also like to draw your attention to how to position the BOOSTER Elite Evo2 correctly, which is essential.      

The next article will explain how to put on your BOOSTER EVO2 and position it correctly.