Blue boxer RTECH EVO2

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Made of DRYARN microfiber, the R-TECH EVO2 multisport BOXER quickly wicks away sweat and enhances muscular tone while providing optimal muscle support.

The DRYARN microfiber is naturally hydrophobic, resistant, lightweight and comfortable.

Its elastic waistband prevents friction, improves comfort and lightness during exercise.

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The R-TECH EVO2 BOXER is made from DRYARN microfiber.

The DRYARN polypropylene microfiber is naturally hydrophobic. It does not absorb moisture and dries very quickly.

This microfiber is also resistant, lightweight and comfortable.

The structure of the R-TECH V2 BOXER is a combination of different meshes at several levels of support distributed over the main muscle groups.

The ventilation zones provide optimal ventilation allowing for sweat evaporation.

The R-TECH V2 BOXER improves muscle support during exercise, helps reduce vibrations and optimizes muscle efficiency while providing optimal freedom of movement.

Its WIDE ELASTIC WAISTBAND offers an incomparable fit to meet the requirements of athletes in competitions and training.

Its flat seams and snug fit reduce friction with the skin during exercise to minimize irritation.

89% polyamide - 11% elastane
Washing process
Washing machine max. 30°. Ironing and tumble drying are prohibited.
Boxer RTECH EVO2 black

Muscular support

Technique : Combinations of technical meshes distributed on the main muscle groups.

Action : Improves the muscular maintenance during the effort.

Benefits : Improves the muscular tonicity, reduces vibrations and allows an optimal freedom of movement.

Elastic belt

Technique : Wide elastic belt.

Action : Maintains effectively the boxer.

Benefits : Improves comfort during sports practice.

Ventilated area

Technique : Knitting in overstitching at the level of the spine, the abdomen and on the lateral parts.

Action : Effectively evacuates perspiration.

Benefits : Allows a better regulation of the body temperature.

Flat seams

Technique : Knitted seams without marking.

Action : Reduces friction with the skin.

Benefits : Limits the irritations with the skin during an effort.

Dryarn microfiber

Technique : Polypropylene microfiber with thermal properties.

Action : Naturally hydrophobic, it does not absorb moisture and dries very quickly. It is resistant, light, comfortable.

Benefits : Improves the thermal exchanges during the effort and evacuates quickly the perspiration.

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