Discover our entire range of clothing for men and women adapted to winter sports. Compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, shorts, t-shirts, winter sports accessories.



Discover our range of men's sportswear adapted to winter sports. Find your equipment among our compression products, socks, recovery socks, tee-shirt, accessories.


Discover our range of women's sportswear adapted to winter sports. Find your equipment among our compression sleeves, compression socks, recovery socks, t-shirts and accessories.

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BV SPORT: co-founded by a former Olympic ski champion

For all sports lovers, forest outings, sunrise runs, positive and negative gradients, races in the snow or in the sand, technical, fun, comfortable but above all French socks...

Winter sports tips


Discover all our tips and buying guides to prepare your winter sports outings.

Sports tips

Compression clothing for winter sports

Winter sports (skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc.) are particularly physical and subject to the vagaries of the weather, so it is necessary to have adequate equipment. Our range of winter sports clothing, for men and women, has been specially designed to accompany you before, during and after the effort.

Winter sports products such as Booster calf sleeves, recovery and compression socks, shorts, t-shirts and accessories for winter sports will help you limit muscle fatigue, soreness, muscle pain, injuries and help you recover better. To offer you a maximum of choice, find our products available in several sizes and colours.

Winter sports compression sleeve

Made in France, the Booster calf compression sleeve will accompany you on all your ski or snowshoe outings, offering you comfort and well-being throughout the effort.

Thanks to a targeted compression at the calf level (BV Sport patent), the Booster Sleeve will limit muscle fatigue, calf pain, avoid soreness and help recovery. Created in 2006, the Booster Sleeve is BV Sport's historic product.

winter sports compression socks

Our range of compression socks is divided into two categories: compression socks for exercise and recovery socks. This range of products has been designed to support sportsmen and women during and after exercise. The compression socks are ideal if you are looking for a two-in-one sock.

Its technical foot, combined with the selective compression at the calf level will allow you to be comfortable and warm during your ski or snowshoe outings. Once you have made your effort, the recovery socks will allow you to limit cramps and muscle contractures while improving your venous return and your recovery after the effort.

Winter sports compression shorts

Our range of CSX compression shorts has been specially designed to provide sportsmen and women with muscle support for your thighs during exercise.

Made from variable stiffness mesh, the CSX shorts for men and women are designed for winter sports to provide comfort, protection from the cold and reduce the risk of injury and soreness.

winter sports compression shirts

One of the goals of winter sports is to stay warm without being suffocated by layers of clothing and without sweating excessively. Our range of RTECH t-shirts for men and women has been designed to meet these requirements.

Whether short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless, this technical top will provide undeniable support for the muscles most in demand during your ski or snowshoe outings. Made from fibres that improve thermal regulation, the RTECH T-shirt will allow you to evacuate perspiration and stay dry while remaining warm during your outing.

winter sports accessories

Make the most of winter sports with our range of accessories adapted to the climatic hazards of the mountains. To keep you warm or for style, our range of accessories such as arm sleeves, headbands, neckbands or hats will bring you comfort and well-being during your outings in the mountains.