Le 29 June 2018

Marcos Yánez - #Run for leucemia


Marcos Yanez is an ultra-runner really committed in charity runs. 

Following his father’s death of leukemia in 2014,

he decided to embrace this cause.

This is the reason why, in 2016, he ran 120 kilometers

for leukaemia in the National park Landmannalaugar,

South of Iceland.

The documentary “No solo 18 horas” produced

by Pedro Cubiles recounts his solitary journey

in this cold and inhospitable land. 

Marcos Yánez in Iceland for the benefit of leukemia

Yet, Marcos Yanez has once again a new challenge for this year: running 300 kilometers alone in Alaska in favour of worldwide bone marrow. 

He faced this challenge in only 5 days!

His journey was cut in 5 legs going from “Eklutna Lake” to the inspiring and evocative “Magic Bus” from the movie “Into the Wild”. It was significant for him to finish his journey at the Magic Bus of Into the Wild. This place has become a pilgrimage site, which has inspired and encouraged thousands of people to believe in their dreams (and to realize them). He wanted to claim his involvement for bone marrow at the bottom of the Bus 142 as Christopher Mc Candless did 26 years ago. 

Marcos Yánez in front of the "Magic Bus" of the movie "Into the Wild"

Step n°1: June 7th, 2018 from “Eklutna Lake” to “Wolf Lake” (58 km):

Marcos Yanez’s journey began with the climb of Bold Peak in a freezing cold with only mosquitos as travel companion.

Nothing could discourage Marcos Yanez not even

the ascent of Bold Peak which was more difficult

than he believed. Indeed, the initial road was

impracticable because of snowfall.

That is why Marcos was forced to retrace his steps

to “Twin Peak” to find another way to reach “Wolf Lake”. 

Marcos on his first day
Ekluta Lake
Marcos on the edge of Eklutna Lake

Step n°2: June 8th,2018 from “Hatcher Pass Lodge” to “Willow Camping Area” (53 km) :

For the second leg/step, once again

they were forced to retrace their step.

Indeed, the Hatcher Pass Peak was totally

covered by snow.

Thus, the initial way going from “Lazy Mountain”

to “Willow Campaign Area” was changed

for a way going through “Palmer”

and “Wolf Lake” to “Hatcher Pass Lodge”. 


In front of Lazy Mountain

After climbing the Lazy Mountain in a freezing cold, his journey in Alaska led him to run on a sunny road. A sun cream was recommended since there were temperature changes higher than 20 degrees in some places. Upon his arrival at “Hatcher Pass Lodge”, houses were surrounded by snow. This landscape was totally in contrast with the sun that has followed him during the afternoon. 

Marcos Yánez concentré sur son objectif
Marcos Yánez focused on his goal

Step n°3 : June 9th, 2018 from “Trapper Creek” to “Petersville” (60 km):

Du soutien qui fait chaud au cœur de Marcos

During this third day,

Marcos received some supports

on the road from people supporting

the bone marrow cause

Support, an important factor in the success of this challenge

With this sunny weather,

Marcos Yanez was in better shape

than the previous days.

“The body adapts to the environment and to effort”

he said. 

Marcos dans la forêt entre Trapper Creek et Petersville
Marcos in the forest between Trapper Creek and Petersville

At around 15 kilometers of Petersville, supports were not able to follow Marcos Yanez anymore. Accordingly, his team and he had to finish this stage alone. 

Step n°4: June 10th,2018 from “Triple Lake” to “Healy” through “Denali” (46 km) :

The fourth step was high in emotions. Indeed, the race began in Denali - one of the most mythic North American National Park. But, the most striking was the special guest: Christy Youngblood. She ran again for the first time since she overcame her cancer one year and half ago. 

La fatigue commence à ce faire ressentir chez Marcos
The fatigue begins to be felt for Marcos.

During the fourth day, Marcos Yanez was more and more suffering from tiredness. Preparation is crucial when you are about to run 300 kilometres in only 5 days. 

His daily equipment was composed of:

-          Specific shoes for trail

-          Compression products (BV SPORT) to reduce muscular fatigue

-          Thermic T-shirt (BV SPORT)

-          Raincoat

-          Gloves and winter hat 

Step n°5 – June 11th,2018 from “Healy” to the expected “Magic Bus” (45km) :

The last step was marked by the arrival at Magic Bus. 

Un moment fort lors de l'arrivée de Marcos
The first meeting between Sandra Hinton (donor) and Jonathan Leon (receiver)

Indeed, Sandra Hinton and Jonathan Leon met for the first time since Jonathan received Sandra’s bone marrow donation. 



Through this experience and the hashtag #Runforleucemia, Marcos Yanez wanted to send a clear and strong message: the importance to combine sport and solidarity to sensitize people to the bone marrow donation. Leukemia affects more than 50,000 people around the world each year.


His main goal is to make the world aware of the importance of bone marrow donation. To achieve this goal, he attaches great importance to telling true stories of daily fights and struggles against leukemia. These stories played an inspiring role in Marcos’ attempting to reach the finishing line in Alaska. Donors have a real and crucial role to play in the healing process.

However, the probability to find a compatible donor for a leukemia patient is lower than for others illness. That is why, the only way to increase survival chances of people suffering from leukemia is to raise the number of potential donors.

BV SPORT is really proud to be the sponsor of this run and this magnificent initiative. 

BV SPORT partner of the adventure #Runforleucemia in Alaska

By waiting the movie on Marcos Yanez’s experience, you can remember the story of his wonderful adventure on this page :  http://runforleucemia.com/noticias.php

Marcos Yanez hopes to achieve 3,000 new bone marrow donors. If you are interessed by the projet, you can find all the information on  http://runforleucemia.com/index.php (anglais)
Find the course and races of Marcos Yánez on his blog : http://corroluegoescribo.com/#quiensoy
Travel Chronicle : Magec Montesdeoca
Pics : Marcos Cabrera (@Marcoscabrerafotografo)