Le 29 August 2019

Collector Colourful Socks !

STX EVO trail socks

By providing new colours, BV Sport choose to give dynamism and peps to its collector edition socks. Combining resistance and lightness, and offering an incomparable comfort, RSX EVO and STX EVO Collector edition socks are respectively adapted to the hiking races that are running and trail.

These design socks have high cut in order to offer a significant protection to enhance the maintain of your ankles. Moreover, thanks to the lightened knitting at the bending point, made of argon meshes more aerated, your foot will be ideally ventilated.

BV sport brings its expertise by designing its socks of various innovations, such as the Y-SPORT SYSTEM, which protectsyour nerves and tendons, and the STABIL EFFECT, which is a stabilization strip supporting the correct position of the socks inside your shoes. 

Then, to limit blisters and prevents chafing, socks are reinforced with whether Friction Free for STX EVO or PROFILEN for the RSX EVO. Those choices of different materials are applied in order to adapt maximally each sock to the sport practise.

Furthermore, as the trail is a sport where the shocks due to multiples contacts of foots on various types of grounds, are important, STX EVO socks are especially elaborate with PROTECT+ innovation. They are made with Friction Free loop in order to reinforce the heel and the point areas.

It is essential for you to take care of your foot when you are practicing sport to avoid any risk of injuries, that’s why BV Sport offers you high-quality, colorful socks that are resistant to all types of weather conditions.


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