Blond beer "Finisher" | Pack 3x33cl

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The new "finisher" beer is back with a new flavor with Goji berries. This blond beer remains artisanal and all its ingredients are from organic agriculture. It is made with passion by the la brasserie Stéphanoise.

Made from a subtle blend of barley and wheat, "Finisher" has hints of acidity, which makes the beer very refreshing. Dry hopping will add a superb aroma.

A little sporty touch, with the addition of rose hip, a plant with several virtues:

- Muscle tonic.

- Cardio-protective and regulates the heart muscle.

- Strengthens the activity of the immune system.

This beer is neither filtered nor pasteurised. The probable deposit at the bottom of the bottle is therefore a guarantee of quality.

The label on the bottle was designed by the Brazilian artist Nhobi Cerqueira, a great nature lover.

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Degree of alcohol
Malts (barley and wheat) - Goji berries - Water - Sugar - Hops - Yeast
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