Salvatore CORONA, President of BV SPORT


The Olympic champion and vascular doctor behind BV SPORT®.

In 1989, two young vascular doctors, one of which is Dr Michaël Prüfer, multiple world champion and speed skiing champion at the Albertville Winter Olympics, took an interest in improving the performance of top-level athletes. The two vascular doctors combined their skills and invented a new and revolutionary concept of compression support socks designed specifically for athletes: the Booster Veins Sport system.

They then founded the company BV SPORT® and filed patents.

They were greeted with immediate success and welcomed by prestigious clients: BV SPORT® products are used by Europe’s leading clubs and the world’s best athletes.


From Zinedine Zidane to Cyril Viennot... 20 years of evolving compression.

In 1999, BV SPORT® integrated a reinforced mesh over the gastrocnemius muscles in order to focus the compression on the calves, and designed tailor-made “performance” compression socks worn during exercise. This targeted compression is used by the French national football team upon the instruction of the medical team... “Selective” compression is born.


From athletics to running: from socks to BOOSTER sleeves.

In 2002, upon the request of French Athletics Federation athletes who wanted to keep their technical ankle socks, BV SPORT® launched its new innovative compression BOOSTER sleeve design on the market, with over a million products sold to date.

In 2006, a new team took the reins of the company and decided to invest in an integrated production facility and a research and development centre. Innovation, quality, design and marketing became the BV SPORT® mantra, values that are reinforced by its long-standing scientific and athletic support. In order to provide scientific evidence of the anticipated effects of the invention of selective compression, the BV SPORT® engineers and doctors stepped up their research, collaborating with the Saint-Étienne Engineering School in 2010.

The engineering thesis by Laura Dubuis focuses specifically on the reaction that soft biological leg tissues have under elastic compression and definitively proves that living biological tissues (muscles, fat) act as a pressure shock absorber as pressure is absorbed by the thickness of the living biological tissues before being transmitted to the deep vascular system.

Numerous dynamometer tests, MRIs, Doppler ultrasounds and scientific studies confirmed just how superior the BV SPORT® concept is and revolutionised the world of compression support once again, including in the medical profession.

The best-selling BOOSTER ELITE.

In 2011, the first “BOOSTER Elite” incorporating these new features is produced using knitting machines, giving the products a near-perfect anatomical made-to-measure design.

Today, every BV SPORT® product, including recovery socks, sleeves and shorts, has built-in selective compression. The high-quality “Made in France” production, along with the masterful combination of applied pressure and selective compression, make BV SPORT® the undisputed leader in the field of compression for athletes.*







In 1989, Dr Couzan was supervising Dr Michaël Prüfer’s thesis on research into blood circulation problems associated with sportsmen. Michaël Prüfer was then a multiple record holder and speed skiing world champion.

Notably, he won the speed skiing gold medal at the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992.

The two vascular doctors combined their skills and, after years of scientific research focusing on top-level athletes, invented and developed a new and revolutionary concept of compression support socks that aredesigned to significantly improve muscular performance and speed up recovery.


Michaël Prüfer

Olympic Champion


Co-founder of BV SPORT®


The research at the centre of innovation





1998 World Cup:

All of the French team’s international players used the first BV SPORT® recovery socks, produced especially for the tournament.

Success was achieved and since then BV SPORT® has been kitting out the vast majority of French and European professional football clubs.



During the Soyuz TM-29 flight, the Franco-Russian mission wore BV SPORT® socks.

The astronaut Jean-Pierre Haigneré and physician astronaut Bernard Comet are convinced:

“We used BV SPORT® socks for the 8 days that followed the landing, and even afterwards during sport sessions. We did not suffer any malleolar oedema, even though that is very common after long flights.”





Odiah Sidibé, advocate of BV SPORT® socks and bronze medallist in the 4x100m relay race at the 2001 European championships in Munich, persuaded the male and female relay athletes to test out the BV SPORT® concept.

Just like the athletes, the technical and medical staff unanimously declared that it improves performance, reduces the risk of injury and speeds up recovery. In order to fulfil the wishes of the athletes who wanted to keep their ankle socks or have bare feet under their shoes, BV SPORT® launched its innovative compression BOOSTER sleeve design on the market!

Since 2010, BV SPORT® has been a partner of the French Athletics Federation and has sold over a million Boosters worldwide.



Having conquered football, basketball and athletics, BV SPORT® won over the world of rugby.

At the request of Imanol Harinordoquy, the French players also enjoyed the benefits of the BV SPORT® concept during the 2007 Rugby World Cup.



Our production facility, located in Saint-Étienne just a few minutes away from the Geoffroy Guichard Stadium, produces all of the compression support ranges.

These product ranges meet strict specifications set by our research and development centre, which includes sports physicians and textiles engineers. Our compression support ranges are manufactured using medical circular knitting machines.

This production technique enables us to indisputably control the pressure applied and cut more accurately. Our production facility applies a quality policy that guarantees complete traceability for optimum quality and production monitoring.


Number 1 in France, according to the French Federation of Sport and Leisure Industries

Over 1 million Boosters sold

1152km of thread knitted per day


At the centre of innovation: R&D

Since the launch of the first sport sock in 2000 (the Performance range), BV SPORT® engineers have increased their use of selective compression and mesh of variable rigidity in product design.

Using a patented measuring device (AMPVE) that establishes pressure transmitted through living biological tissues, the BV SPORT® R&D centre with its many scientific studies proved that the pressure put on the lower limbs varies depending on the type and thickness of the living biological tissues of which they are composed.

These biological tissues act as a pressure shock absorber (muscles and fat) or are otherwise incompressible (bones, tendons and nerves).

These results are validated using MRI scans by doctors from the BV SPORT® R&D centre.

These innovative features enabled the design and development of the configuration of the medical knitting machines. The concept of mesh with variable levels of rigidity and elasticity (flexible/semi-rigid/rigid) is now integrated into the production of all compression ranges: Booster Original, Booster Elite, ProRecup, Comfort, shorts...

The BV SPORT® research and development centre makes reference to compression support problems in athletes.



Athlete performance tests are scientifically studied by the Dijon Centre of Performance Expertise and the CENBIOTEC Clinical Investigation Centre.








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BV SPORT® Patents:

> Brevet BV SPORT®/ N° BR/079540 N.CORONA S.CORONA Docteurs J.F. POUGET, S. COUZAN

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> Brevet BV SPORT®/ Pierre Fabre Médicament N° WO2010/037609 compression stoking for moderate to severe crhonic venous insuffisiency





The medical community has always been surprised by the study of athletes’ vascular systems by the doctors who founded BV SPORT® and by the invention of the resulting unique products, which have sometimes swum against the tide of the established medical rules with regards to compression.

In 2000, a scientific study completed in cooperation with Dr Jean Marcel Ferret, the physician for the French national football team, showed that compression transmitted by an elastic sleeve varies depending on the size and shape of athletes’ bodies.

Since then, BV SPORT® has designed anatomically bespoke sports products for the French national football team. Incorporated into the technical design of this range’s products is mesh of variable rigidity and elasticity in order to intensify the compression of the calf.

Rigid mesh targets specific areas of compression.

Living biological tissues act as a pressure shock absorber (muscles and fat) or are otherwise incompressible (bones and, to a lesser extent, tendons and nerves). These innovative features have been demonstrated by the doctors and engineers at the BV SPORT® R&D centre. They led to the design of mesh with variable levels of rigidity as part of the same elastic compression sleeve. Since 2000, these variable levels of mesh rigidity (flexible/semi-rigid/rigid) have been incorporated into the production of our compression ranges: Performance, Booster, ProRecup, shorts.

The reliability and performance of our compression products have been proven and have today earned us a leading position within our market. (2015 FIFAS Study, Federation of Sport and Leisure*)

This patented selective compression concept respects athletes’ anatomy and physiology, optimises muscular biomechanics during movement, improves venous return, limits extraneous vibrations and oscillations, decreases the risk of stiffness and thereby raises the fatigue threshold.


*See the studies carried out at





Low pressure

Medium pressure

High pressure

Source: Thesis by Laura Dubuis

National Engineering School of Saint-Étienne

Further information at




Twice as effective compression




In 2011, BV SPORT® collaborated with the National Engineering School of Saint-Étienne on the thesis of Laura Dubuis, which definitively proved that the reaction of living biological tissues has a crucial impact on pressure transmission.




In 2011, an independent clinical study completed by two internationally renowned professors, Dr Mosti and Dr Partsch, proved that the compression support patented by BV SPORT® is twice as effective as traditional compression (the percentage of blood pumped to the heart is increased by 74% compared to 34% with conventional compression).


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