In 1989, Doctor Serge Couzan directed Doctor Michaël Prüfer's thesis on the problems of blood circulation in athletes. Michaël Prüfer was already, at the time, multiple record holder and World Champion in speed skiing, and was gold medalist in this discipline at the 1992 Albert ville Olympic Games. They then decided to combine their skills and passions: medicine and sport. The two doctors are focusing their work on the study of these pipes, which have very specific properties for athletes who supply oxygen to muscles (arteries) and eliminate toxins (veins).

This dual scientific research applied directly to a top-level athlete enabled the two inventors to develop this revolutionary concept designed to improve muscle performance and accelerate recovery in the form of a compression sock that exerts specific pressures on the calves.

Based on state-of-the-art physical and technological foundations, this scientific research has also made it possible to patent a device for measuring vascular pressures by echo-doppler ( A.M.P.V.V.E.). The results have been validated by the I.R.M. (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

Convinced of BV SPORT's interest, Aimé JACQUET and Jean Marcel FERRET invited them to Clairefontaine in May and June 1998 to equip all the players of the FRANCE Team exclusively for the World Cup. We won't tell you the rest... !

Today, BV SPORT equips more than 2500 athletes, including 230 World and Olympic champions, in disciplines as diverse as Basketball, Rugby, Handball, Athletics, Tennis, Cycling, Volleyball, Judo and Ice Hockey, Skiing, Biathlon, Triathlon, Parachuting, most of the French 1st and 2nd Football League clubs, the major European clubs, and since early 2005 endurance, trails, multisport raids, marathon and Ultra Marathon. BV SPORT is now a partner of many federations such as the French Athletics and Cycling Federation.

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