AI at the service of performance :

Alpi Training, a sports-health training and advice application, provides personalized guidance for everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced athlete, to make progress and achieve their own goals.

Alpi Training, the birth !

Exercise physiologist and physical trainer at the Hirslanden Sports Medicine and Exercise Center at La Coline Clinic (Swiss Olympic Medical Center certified) in Geneva, Jonas Darbellay faces the recurring issues of patients on a daily basis, such as injuries, performance plateaus, inappropriate training, etc.

As a healthcare and sports professional, he aims to find a solution so that every athlete can undergo appropriate endurance training through personalized monitoring while minimizing injuries and preserving health.

Teaming up with his friend Maxime Grenot, a professional trail runner and also a sports physiotherapist and osteopath, they co-founded the startup ITP. After more than 2 years of development, the ALPI TRAINING app comes to life.

" In the midst of the pandemic, we observed an increase in the number of people taking up endurance sports. "
Jonas Darbellay

What is Alpi Training ?

It's a sports application that allows you to create customized programs for endurance sports such as running, trail running, cycling, or triathlon.

Alpi Training relies on a complex algorithm based on sports and health data, all surrounded by a simple and intuitive interface. A true personal coach to slip into your pocket!

It takes into account various data such as each user's level, their goal, time, available equipment, training history, and injuries to offer the most individualized content possible, whether it's for performance sports, health-oriented activities, or rehabilitation.

Who is the application for?

Alpi Training is aimed at a wide range of individuals, whether in the sports and health sector, meaning individuals looking to take control of their fitness or make a fresh start.

It also caters to patients who have undergone an injury and seek a supplement to their therapist with a specific and pathological program.

Furthermore, it targets seasoned athletes who wish to diversify their training and maximize their potential, adding a playful element to their workouts and introducing new elements

Customized programs

Alpi Training allows preparation for various endurance sports with different programs tailored to each sport, including a medical aspect prepared by healthcare professionals:

- Injury prevention programs

- Rehabilitation programs

- Stretching programs

- Muscle strengthening programs

- Yoga/Pilates programs

The goal is to enhance the athlete's health with customized programs. The standout feature of this application is that all exercises in the programs are demonstrated through videos to ensure the most accurate execution of each movement.

Enhance your training.

If you want to change your approach to your workouts, reach your goals, and improve your well-being.

Download the app available on the Apple Store and Google Play!