Cyber Monday

Are you ahead of your Christmas gifts? Take advantage of cyber monday to find the best sports deal on Monday!

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It's time to please your loved ones for Christmas !

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Cyber Monday or "Cyber Lundi" is the Monday following Black Friday. This 100% e-commerce operation dates back to 2005 when online retailers noticed a significant increase in the number of visitors to their site following Black Friday. All the people who could not participate in Black Friday fell back on Monday to e-commerce sites offering interesting promotions without going to the stores...Cyber Monday was born. We have made a selection of the best offers of the moment to be discovered immediately on our website !

How long does Cyber Monday last?

This discount day specifically dedicated to online businesses takes place on the Monday following Black Friday. This event only lasts 24 hours! The shopping start is given from 00:00 and ends at 23:59 on Monday. A limited time that it is a question of taking advantage of to have a chance to benefit from particularly advantageous discounts. This day of big promotions is happening in front of your screen looking for the best offers.

How to make a successful Cyber Monday?

To make the most of this unmissable shopping event, you stay connected, ready to get your hands on the latest online discounts. Throughout the day, exceptional good deals are generally available online in limited quantities. Sometimes stocks can run out in just a few minutes! The idea is to be on the lookout from the beginning of the operation so as not to see the best deals going by under your nose. And there is no question of relaxing your attention during the rest of the day, as new purchasing opportunities may appear as the hours go by. Finally, to be ready on the day, the ideal thing is to do a few days in advance in order to list the products that interest you particularly and that you plan to buy.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday ?

Tranne che per l'ovvia differenza di luce del giorno: venerdì vs. lunedì. Cyber Monday è tradizionalmente un evento online, a differenza di Black Friday che è stato creato in negozio prima di essere trasposto online.

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